"Witht 2 other mufflers
         30HP extra..."

Pitfalls and misunderstandings

Some traps and misunderstandings in the field of modification are:

  • "With 2 inch lowering springs my car will steer much better..."
    No, the wheel geometry is changed completely and  becomes rather worse, the shock absorbers do not work well or not at all as a result of the lowering and there are some other components under the car at the front and the rear, which will be crooked.
  • "With 20 inch wheels and wide tires my car will steer much better..."
    No, with the standard suspension the driving quality will decrease and the handling will become worse. For normal street use we recommend not to take too wide front tires (max. 265 wide, the rear tires can be max. 305 wide).However , with little adjustments is made to the suspension, the bigger wheels are not a problem however. Regardless of the above mentioned, it will however substantially improve the looks of your car.
  • "I need other brake rotors, because with with perforated brake rotors, the car will brake much better"
    No, the grooves and holes are only effective when you brake hard and long, but for normal street use it brings no improvement. The braking action improves with better brake pads, better brake fluid, and brake calipers with more pistons. If you want to install other calipers you must be sure that they fit in your wheels. 
  • "With 2 new mufflers I have 30 hp extra"
    No, don’t buy that nonsense, all claimed horsepower gains are crankshaft horsepower and most of the time it is achieved in combination with several other modifications or with complete exhaust systems including headers. Of course a set of performance mufflers gives your car a nice, deep V8 sound that may be of much more value than a little more horsepower.
    Inlet- and exhaust systems often work well together in combination with the right tune and then you will actually gain power.

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