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Original oil and filters for Mustang en US Fords

Lek Import Cars has all the oil for your US Ford in stock. We sell all types of engine oil, transmission oil, automatic  transmission oil, powerstroke engine oil and rear end oil. For your Shelby, Ford GT, Mustang or other US Ford . Order directly in our webshop Order the correct oil directly in our webshop or read everything you need to know about oils and filters below.

Why should you use an orginal Motorcraft oil filter?

Oil filters are made with a specific filter medium inside, usually paper, and this has a specific thickness to let the oil through which is measured in microns. The engineers at Ford have done their homework to decide how fast the oil should pass through the filter based on several factors. The most important factors are engine models and how they are setup, think about the way the variable valvetiming needs to be operated and hydraulic lifters, and more important the oil film on the bearings and parts like the crankshaft and camshaft. Let’s not forget the powerstroke diesel engines where the oil pressure is used to get the injectors working and the HPOP (high pressure oil pump) needs to maintain a specific pressure. These filters are made by Purolator, but the internals like the filter and the bypass valves of a Motorcraft filter are always made to Ford specs, where the non Motorcraft filters have the valve on different locations in the filter.

Long story short, the Motorcraft oil filters are specifically designed for you particular engine and always the best choice for the advised service intervals.

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Why should you use the Motorcraft oil as Ford recommends?

Motorcraft Engine Oil

Like we stated above, oil is also produced with specific specifications for your particular engine combo. The oil viscosity like 5w-20 is engineered in such a way that it keeps the best protection film during cold starts and hot use on the street. I will not go in to this matter too deep now, but for those who don’t know, the 5W is a viscosity value for cold starts, the W is for winter, the 20 is the viscosity at optimal hot temp. It is obvious that a cold start will cause most damage in your engine, simply because the oil can not be pumped around fast enough to lubricate all parts, so a car that is used for short distances will have more iron particles in the oil than a car that sees longer trips.

The oil will reach its optimal temp after about 15-20 minutes so don’t be fooled by your engine temp gauge, that’s just your water temp which is cooler then the oil temp should be . The idea that real hot oil will lubricate less in your hot engine is proven not true. Yes the oil gets thinner but the oil pressure will make sure it’s pumped around faster, so a larger oil volume goes around and makes sure all parts get enough cooling and lubrication. Nearly all oils have certain additives to maintain their viscosity at max operation temperatures, as you can imagine each different engine type and expected way usage will require its own type of additives.

Long story short, we highly recommend using Motorcraft oil as mentioned in the owners manual for your US Ford model, which is produced by Phillps/Conoco in the US, especially for US Ford. And that is with a reason.

Why should you stick to the suggested service intervals

Independent research by the Blackstone institute in the US has proven that the service intervals as outlined in the service manuals are pretty much spot on, all based on use of the correct oil and filter and normal usage. These test have also been done with other oil brands and all patterns and wear remains about the same, so we suggest to stick with the intervals. However if you drive your car hard, make regular cold starts, race your car or pull heavy weights with a truck… drain it sooner and think about 30-50% sooner.

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  • Motorcraft 5w20 half synthetic
  • Motorcraft 5w20 full synthetic
  • Motorcraft 5w30 half synthetic
  • Motorcraft 5w30 full synthetic
  • Motorcraft 5w50 full synthetic
  • Motorcraft/Shelby/Ford GT supercharger oil
  • Motorcraft 10w30 for powerstroke diesel engines
  • Motorcraft 15w40 for powerstroke diesel engines

Motorcraft brake oil

  • Motorcraft DOT3 brake oil
  • Motorcraft DOT4 brake oil
  • Motorcraft DOT5.1 brake oil

Motorcraft transmission oil

  • Motorcraft Mercon V of Motorcraft XT5-QMC
  • Motorcraft Mercon LV of Motorcraft XT10-QLVC
  • Motorcraft Mercon M5 QS of Motorcraft XTM5QS
  • Motorcraft TypeF of Motorcraft power steering oil

Motorcraft rear axle, gear and transfercase oil

  • Motorcraft 75w85QL
  • Motorcraft 75w140QL
  • Motorcraft XL-12 transfer case oil
  • Motorcraft XL-3 frictionmodifier oil

Motorcraft Coolant

  • Motorcraft VC-10-B coolant green VC-10-B
  • Motorcraft VC-7-B coolant premium gold VC-7-B
  • Motorcraft VC-3-B coolant orange VC-3-B

Motorcraft oil filters

  • Ford Motorcraft FL-1A
  • Ford Motorcraft FL-400S
  • Ford Motorcraft FL-500S
  • Ford Motorcraft FL-820S
  • Ford Motorcraft FL-1995
  • Ford Motorcraft FL-2016
  • Ford Motorcraft FL-2021
  • Ford Motorcraft FL-2024
  • Ford Motorcraft FL-2051

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